Listen to Examples of Jimmy George's Writing

 1. "I'll Always Love You"
(sung by Taylor Dayne)

 2. "Just to See Her"
      (sung by Smokey Robinson)

 3.   "Love of My Life"
      (sung by George Benson)

 4. "Magic Man"
      (sung by Robert Winters & Fall)

 5. "Real Thing"
      (sung by Bobby Caldwell)

 6. "Every Time" 
  (sung by O.C. Smith)
 7. "After All Is Said and Done" 
(sung by O.C. Smith)
 8. "Everything Reminds Me of You"
(sung by The Commodores)
 9. "I Wonder Who She's Seeing Now" 
(sung by The Temptations)
 10. "If You Were Mine"
(sung by Cuba Gooding)
 11. "Kiss and Make Up"
(sung by George Benson)
  12. "Where Do We Go From Here"
(sung by Shirley Lewis)


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